St. John's Lutheran Church
Stanton, Nebraska

Welcom to St. John's Lutheran Church!

Our Mission:

To preach the gospel to make disciples by baptizing and teaching people to obey everything Jesus has come out of them to build one another up and love to carry each other's burdens. All those things are part of the mission that God has given us to do as his people.


     Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. there is a Divine Service
     Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. there is a service at the Stanton Health Center
     Wednesday night we host LOGOS and Catechism Class from 6:30 - 7:45 p.m.
(September - May)


About Us. . .

St. John's is a humble group of sinners washed in the blood of Jesus Christ and declared to be saints of God.  It's a family of believers struggling under the cross of Jesus toward the crown of glory.  And Sunday morning is our time to meet together before the Lord.

In worship we breath in the grace of God.  We live because He lives.  We fall and God picks us up.  We waver and God's strengthens us.  We are weak but He is strong.  That's what this little group of souls is really about.  Grace overwhelms us.  Forgiveness penetrates us.  God speaks to us.  And we speak back in prayer and praise.

At St. John's you and your children are welcome!  We are, in fact, praying for more to gather with us in God's name and grace.  We'll take you as you are - no special requirements.  The service will be printed out for you to follow along.  We don't have a dress code and we don't expect an offering from you.  

At St. John's you will find liturgical worship because the Lutheran Church is a liturgical church.  We worship our Lord, who is a God of order, in a very structured way, following the historic liturgy of the Church, based entirely on texts directly from the Scriptures, that the Holy Christian Church has been using for nearly 2000 years. It ties us to the Holy Christian Church of the past, present and future as it beautifully proclaims the gospel of Christ to us and lets us send our praises to heaven for God’s unsearchable grace. It focuses us on Holy Baptism, the Word of God and the Lord’s Supper, the means by which God comes to us and we receive His gracious forgiveness and strength. The historic liturgy is St. John’s worship because it is the Holy Christian Church’s worship and because it is full of the Holy Gospel.